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Combination Trips – River and Jeep

Combination DAY Trips

Canyonland Jet Boat and Jeep Combo (HJ0 and HI0)
This mini-expedition, exclusive to Tag-A-Long, introduces you to one of America’s last wild regions. This classic combo of a calm-water excursion and a 4X4 adventure into the real Canyonlands is perfect for the traveler accustomed to motor coach travel or people looking for something a little less than gonzo! You’ll stay dry and comfortable all day!

Canyonland Jet Boat/Arches Jeep Combo (HJ0 and HA0)
Another Tag-A-Long exclusive, four hour interpretative 4×4 tour of the windows section of Arches National Park and a four hour boat tour of the calm waters of the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park. You’ll stay dry and comfortable all day!

Colorado Raft Splash & Canyonlands Jeep (HR0 and HI0)
Is your heart set on experiencing both rapids and red rock while you’re in canyon country? The drive into canyonlands gives you a BIG taste of what it’s like off the beaten path. The raft trip introduces you to a couple of whitewater rapids while touring some of America’s most awe-inspiring scenery.

Colorado Raft Splash & Arches Jeep (HR0 and HA0)
Rapids are an introduction to river running. Arches National Park is paved and at your disposal. But come with us, off the beaten path. The route is our shortest off-road experience, if you desire a taste of four-wheeling.

Two Parks ONE DAY Off-the Beaten Path (HI0 and HA0)
Combine the two half-day 4×4 and include lunch for a great experience of both Arches and Canyonlands.

White Rim Mountain Bike Shuttle (JB0)
Find out why they call Moab the mountain biking capitol of the world! The famous White Rim Trail deep in Canyonlands National park is your destination on this 20-mile self-guided mountain bike expedition. We’ll drop you off at the top of Shafer Trail and pick you up at Lathrop Canyon on the Colorado River for a relaxing, scenic ride back to town on our large jetboat.