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Canyonlands National Park/Colorado River
Mountain Bike the White Rim and Jet Boat Shuttle Service (JBO)

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Find out why they call Moab the mountain biking capitol of the world! The famous White Rim Trail deep in Canyonlands National Park is your destination on this 20-mile self-guided mountain bike expedition. We'll drop you off at the top of Shafer Trail and pick up you and your mountain bike at Lathrop Canyon on the Colorado River for a relaxing, scenic ride back to town on our large jetboat.

Main Attraction Mountain biking on the White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, self-guided tour in Moab
Who Should Go Mountain bike riders of a wide range of ages with average skills, families with like skills
Adventure level Moab and mountain biking go together. This expedition is fun and enjoyable because the terrain is level or down hill to the river. Experienced or moderately strong cyclists will love this trip around the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. This is one of those expeditions that people love to say they've done. It's a badge of honor! The jet boat is a fast refreshing trip back.

· Backcountry jeep road biking.
· Heat will require you carry water.
· Jet boat back to Moab is refreshing.

Fitness Level: Excellent to average. 20 miles of steady biking on uneven terrain. Summer heat can make it more challenging. For groups of 15 or more.
Length 1 Day

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