Tag-A-Long Expeditions–Rafting through 28 Grand Canyon style rapids

The Cataract Canyon Adventure

Cataract Canyon means Colorado River white water rafting as intense and exciting as those you'd find rafting the Grand Canyon. Travel 100 miles through Canyonlands National Park near Moab Utah, drifting lazily at first, then hold on for heart pounding action.

White water rafting and solitude are two reasons to select Cataract Canyon. The unparalleled attention to your comfort is the reason to trust only Tag-A-Long Expeditions for your Utah rafting adventure. This one to five day raft trip combines the beauty of Canyonlands National Park with extreme Colorado River white water rafting. Mark this on your Bucket List as an outdoor adventure you just can't miss.

Cataract Canyon Rafting Adventure

4-Day Cataract Favorite (CA3)
Colorado River whitewater rafting through Cataract Canyon. The guide's favorite way to see Canyonlands National Park.

3-Day Cataract Canyon Express (CA2)
The intense,"express" edition of our premier trip.

2-Day Cataract Canyon Blast (CA1)
Got 48 hours? Get Cataract Canyon! Starting in Moab Utah and blasting to Lake Powell.

1-Day Cataract Canyon Rafting (CA0)
White water one day trip that Rules! 100 miles Moab Utah to Lake Powell.

5-Day Powell's Cataract Adventure (CA4)
Experience Cataract Canyon as John Wesley Powell did, on a row raft to go the flow of the river.

River Rafting Combinations

Rapids, Rapids, Rapids – Cataract and Westwater (WC4)
The ultimate river rafting vacation serving up 37 rapids in two very different canyons!

Canoe and Raft Combination (CR1)
For the adventurer who will canoe self-guided, then continue with a guided Cataract Canyon trip.

The Tag-A-Long – Cataract Canyon River Magic

Being in the back country doesn't have to mean you sacrifice comfort. Rafting the Colorado River with Tag-A-Long Expeditions means shade awnings during the heat of the day, sitting in a chair at camp, and tented toilet facilities for privacy. You are in the care of professional guides who are trained in wilderness living and medicine. There isn't a questions they haven't heard or a need they are not able to accomodate. You can relax knowing your whitewater rafting adventure is the best on the Colorado River.

Return options

1. We strongly recommend a scenic charter flight. Fly over the Colorado River including the rapids just conquered in Cataract Canyon and, from an altitude of 7,000 feet, really see the amazing formations in the Maze, Island in the Sky, and Needles sections of Canyonlands National Park and where your rafting vacation took place. The flight is about 30 minutes making arrival time in Moab about 5:30 p.m. This once-in-a-lifetime flight is only $125.00.

2. Return by land. The ride from Hite Marina on Lake Powell to Moab takes about four hours through the high desert country of southeastern Utah. Your arrival in Moab will be about 9:00 p.m. The cost is $80.89.

3. Tag-A-Long will shuttle your vehicles from Moab Utah to Hite Marina on Lake Powell so it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the marina early in the afternoon. The cost of this service is $242.66 per vehicle.

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