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Why Choose Tag-A-Long

The Seven Best Reasons to Choose Tag-A-Long

1. We focus our energy on the Colorado River, Canyonlands National Park and the Four Corners.

Right from the beginning, we realized you can't be an expert everywhere. Since 1964, we've been running these rivers and driving these canyons. We can negotiate the scariest rapids and help you spot Indian ruins few travelers ever see. Our intense focus on this region makes a big difference in the quality of your trip.

2. Tag-A-Long holds the greatest variety of backcountry permits for national parks and public lands in this region.

No other outfitter can make that claim. The wide range of permits allows us to design itineraries that satisfy your needs, not ours. For example, a trip into the remote Maze region of Canyonlands National Park does not have to end with 12 hours of bone-jarring 4X4 travel back to Moab. We meet you in a jetboat for a comfortable and spectacularly scenic ride up the Colorado River to Moab. You won't get that kind of service from any other outfitter because they don't hold the permits!

3. We keep some creature comforts in the backcountry

We don't think that "roughing" it in the backcountry means giving up all your worldly comforts. We provide you with thick, comfy sleeping mattress and cozy climate-appropriate sleeping bags. We designed awnings to fit over our J-rig raft to shade you from the intense desert sun. When you enjoy dinner in the evening, you're not eating off a log or rock; you sit in comfortable camp chairs and dine at tables.

4. A great trip deserves great food!

Dining with Tag-A-Long means much more than hot dogs and stew. With Aspen chef Rick Holtz and award-winning cookbook author Rebecca Wood on our advisory board, our menus reflect healthy, delicious and refined fare. You'll be delighted with the results we produce from fresh ingredients miles from home. We welcome special dietary requests.

5. Tag-A-Long Guides Are a Step Above the Rest.

First and foremost, our guides are selected for their technical skills and their ability to bring you safely through some of North America's wildest rivers and backcountry. You are in the company of real experts who are devoted to sharing this region with you. They can explain the geology in terms everyone can understand, bring the flora, fauna and history of canyon country to life!

6. We're fanatic about details.

The charming personality of a guide wears thin when, miles from home, he or she explains they forgot the noodles for the pasta! With our rigorous system of check lists and organizational procedures, everything is in place when the trip begins: food, gear, special items, safety equipment and the guides are ready to pull it all together. Plus, we provide you with detailed trip documents, packing lists and are available by phone or email 7 days a week to answer your questions.

7. Small trip sizes provide a more personal experience.

We often see rafts holding 20 or more people laboring down the Colorado River. By the time two of these rafts make camp, it looks like a new housing development. We're pretty sure that's not why you chose this area for a vacation! Our vehicles and rafts carry from three to eleven travelers. Camp sizes over 20 are unusual. We protect your wilderness experience and your desire for solitude.

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