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Trip Preparation

Your expedition is just around the corner!

We appreciate your selection of Tag-A-Long Expeditions as your outfitter. Tag-A-Long has been introducing people to whitewater rafting and backcountry 4X4 trekking since 1964. We know the better prepared you are for your expedition, the more you will enjoy it. This area of the site is an overview of things you’ll need to know before you leave home. We’ve also tried to anticipate some of your concerns and questions. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Absolutely no question is unimportant!

This area of the site discusses what to bring on the trip, what camping with Tag-A-Long Expeditions is like, the type of food on our menu, general weather conditions, and concerns about the preservation of the backcountry. Please read all the information carefully. You can also find additional information, including Frequently Asked Questions and Camp Life, on this web site. Be sure to review the detailed, on-line itinerary of your trip.

Rest assured everyone at Tag-A-Long Expeditions is committed to making your trip spectacular! You have been foremost in our minds during the planning and preparation stages of our expeditions. You remain our number one priority from the time you come into our care until we say goodbye. Have fun getting ready for your expedition. We’ll see you soon!


Bob Jones