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Canyonlands National Park & Dinosaur Explore Jeep Tour 1 Day (IS0DP0)

Adventure Description

Get out there and see the spectacular wide-open spaces of Canyonlands National Park “Island in the Sky” mesa. Your trip includes stops to peer into the Colorado River corridor, a hike to the amazing views of Mesa Arch, and an exciting drive under a fallen boulder! Then explore what Moab was long before it became an adventurer’s mecca! This tour will take you way back in time to see dinosaurs and the ancient ones that used to call this place home.

Adventure Level

Folks with very little time but any fitness level can join this expedition. In this day adventure you can really get into the backcountry to see some of the scenery in Canyonlands that few other people get to see. Then you will spend the other half of the day roaming where Dinosaurs and ancient peoples used to wander.


We’ll provide the rocks, the art, the fossils, and the stories, you provide the imagination on this day adventure into the backcountry of the lands surrounding Moab, Utah. For half the day you’ll be in the “Island in the Sky” district of Canyonlands National Park hiking out to cliffside arches, checking out views of the Colorado River from thousands of feet above, and driving under fallen boulders. The other half will be spent exploring ancient dinosaur footprints and fossils, walking through a natural sandstone tunnel, and deciphering the writings of the ancient ones who called this area home long before it was the ‘adventurer’s mecca’.


Your expedition begins at the Tag-A-Long office. We soon find ourselves on a backcountry road that scales a wall overlooking Arches National Park. We pass a gigantic double rock arch known as Gemini Bridges. After entering Canyonlands National Park, we’ll stop for a 30 minute walk (round-trip) to view the maze of canyons from one of the Park’s finest overlooks, Mesa Arch. Don’t forget your cameras – the photos are amazing.

Then we’ll visit another sublime overlook, this time in “Dead Horse Point” State Park, one of Utah’s best kept secrets. From the top you’ll see the rim featured in the film, Thelma and Louise, where the two women drove off the cliff and plunged into the Colorado River a thousand feet below.

We conclude this half of our day with a 4×4 descent from the high plateau down some 2,000 feet to the Colorado River. This exciting drive offers vistas of the snow-capped La Sal Mountains, passes beneath a mammoth fallen boulder, and stops along the river for a scrumptious lunch prepared by your guide.

After lunch we proceed north to Mill Canyon. Along the way, your guide will explain to you the unique geology and ancient history of the area that made it a perfect place for preserving the first signs of life on the earth.

For dinosaur sightings we will go to Mill Canyon where old bones are slowly eroding out of the rock. Then walk in the footsteps of the giants at the newly discovered Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite, a collection of over 200 therapod (two legged carnivorous dinosaurs) and sauropod (four legged herbivores) tracks and one of an ancient crocodile! This is one of the largest areas of dinosaur tracks from the Cretaceous period in North America.

For rock art and ruins, there’s no place like the Tusher Tunnel, a walk through a 83ft. (25m) hole in a sandstone cliff. And Bartlett Wash where you’ll see the oldest records of man in this area. Learn about the Barrier Canyon people and marvel at the gigantic

At the tour conclusion we bring you back to Tag-A-Long Expeditions. Youngsters are subject to car seat laws. Trip is appropriate for an array of ages.

Trip may be run in reverse. Please check in the day before departure.

Trip Highlights

  • Therapod and Saurapod footprints and fossils still partially encased in stone
  • Barrier Canyon style rock art
  • Walk through a natural tunnel in a sandstone cliff
  • Canyonlands National Park backcountry
  • 4X4 driving
  • Fitness Level: Below average to average

Who Should Go

Any age Moab adventurer with limited time. Dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Those interested in ancient cultures.

Dates Available

Operates year round.
7:30am to 5:30pm

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$ 178.10 per Youth under 16

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