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Colorado River Jet Boat Cruise & Family Rafting 1 Day – (JETRAF)

Adventure Description

Each year nearly four thousand guests take this barrel-of-fun raft ride down the Colorado River near Moab. If you’ve never rafted whitewater before, and would like a taste of rapids, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet. Combine this with sightseeing further downstream into¬†Canyonlands on a motorized jet boat. The famed Grotto, a natural amphitheater used by the Moab Music Festival for their annual concerts,¬†is featured on this portion – a dry-come-as-you-are type river experience.

Adventure Level

The Canyonlands Wilderness Cruise is for anyone who wants to see the interior of Canyonlands National Park from the perspective of the Colorado River. This is a calm water trip. We travel 25 miles downriver from Moab. Few people get these river views. It is scenic, relaxing and a half day that gives memories for a lifetime.

The Colorado River Splash is for those not quite ready to tackle the big waves of Cataract Canyon and Westwater Canyon, but still want to have a fun day on some rapids. You will pass some of the most spectacular scenery in America and enjoy some good rides on smaller waves. Perfect for families or first-timers!


Your day of fun on the river begins at 7:15 a.m. for the morning jetboat. It is a delightful day in the wilderness without all the hassle and risks of true backcountry expeditions. You’ll ride in comfortable seats in our sturdy motorized riverboat. These boats speed along about 20 miles an hour and stop frequently for photographs and sightseeing. Sometimes the guide lets the boat drift quietly as you hear about all the fascinating geology, wildlife and historic sites you’re seeing. Bring binoculars to spot bighorn sheep playing on the cliffs. There’s even time for a short walk or two. What you’ll see is only accessible by boat! Less adventurous travelers will miss it all while you take this short, half-day excursion.

For the afternoon raft, you’ll be gazing out over landscape where many famous classic movies were filmed including John Wayne’s Fort Apache and Rio Grand. More recently, this area was the backdrop for City Slickers II and Larger Than Life. Your day flows into Ida Gulch, several smaller splashy waves and the tricky White’s Rapid. But don’t worry, your expert guide knows how to give you the best ride with the best safety measures! You’ll bounce and bubble over many more rapids and ripples during this playful expedition. Your schedule is leisurely with plenty of time for swimming and water fights before this perfect day on the Colorado River is over.

Trip Highlights

  • Two Boats on the Colorado River!
  • Rafting on Class I-II waters
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Fitness level: Average; short hike

Who Should Go

People of all ages, families with children weighing 40 pounds or more, people who want a river trip without fear, travelers with very little time.

Dates Available

First Departure: April 15
Final Departure: October 15

Rentals Available

Add inflatable kayak rafting:
$10.86 – one or two person

Booking Request Form

$154.00 per Adult
$133.00 per Youth under 16
Includes tax

20% deposit due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Balance due the day of departure.

Cancellation Policy

(800) 453-3292

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