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Dinosaur Explore Jeep Tour & Raft the Colorado River 1 Day – (DP0RAF)

Adventure Description

Come with us on a journey back in time as we explore the ancient cultures and animals that used to call Moab home. This is a beginner’s tour to find Rock Art, Ruins, and Dinosaur bones and tracks. After, we go on a rocking and rolling barrel of splashes ride on the one-and-only Colorado River Scenic Splash. These class I-II rapids are just enough of an introduction to make you beg for more.

Adventure Level

Folks with very little time but any fitness level can join this expedition. There will be some walks, but they aren’t too strenuous. The Jeeps are air conditioned and the ride is bumpy but not treacherous. Rafting is in gentile but fun class I-II rapids so the whole family can enjoy! Children must weigh at least 40lbs (18kg).

Combine your family’s love of dinosaurs, ancient cultures, and splashy river trips together in this one day of “yes, you CAN do it all” adventure! Half the day we’ll spend on Jeep trails and hiking in the Moab desert. The other half we’ll play in a smaller version of the infamous Colorado River rapids. Bring everyone!


We will depart from the Tag-A-Long Expedition’s office in Moab and proceed north to Mill Canyon. Along the way, your guide will explain to you the unique geology and ancient history of the area that made it a perfect place for preserving the first signs of life on the earth.

For dinosaur sightings we will go to Mill Canyon. Where old bones are slowly eroding out of the rock. Then walk in the footsteps of the giants at the newly discovered Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite, a collection of over 200 therapod (two legged carnivorous dinosaurs) and sauropod (four legged herbivores) tracks and one of an ancient crocodile! This is one of the largest areas of dinosaur tracks from the Cretaceous period in North America.

On to rock art and ruins, there’s no place like the Tusher Tunnel, a walk through a 83ft. (25m) hole in a sandstone cliff. And Bartlett Wash where you’ll see the oldest records of man in this area. Learn about the Barrier Canyon people and marvel at the gigantic human like figures painted on the walls.

Arriving back in Moab at 11:45 AM we will meet the bus that takes us to the rafts on the Colorado River. The afternoon will be on splashy rapids and beautiful calm sections of the river. At the rafts, we will have a short safety orientation and then we will continue down river to a location where the guides will prepare a BBQ beach lunch.

After lunch we will continue to raft the Colorado River through Professor Valley. Your guide will share the history of that area and point out interests during your river travel. You will have time for swimming.

Trip Highlights

  • Footprints and Fossils encased in stone
  • Barrier Canyon style rock art
  • Colorado River Rafting; Class I-II rapids
  • Delicious BBQ lunch on a river beach

Who Should Go

People of all ages, families with children weighing 40 pounds or more, people who want river rafting without fear, travelers with very little time, adventurers who want to walk in the paths of the dinosaurs

What To Bring

To be prepared for both portions of your trip, dress comfortably, possibly your swim costume covered by shorts and shirt. Sun hat, sun cream, sunglasses and eye glass retainers are appropriate. Your valuables can be left at the office in our care.

Dates Available

Trips depart daily mid-April through mid-October.
7:30am to 4:30pm

Rentals Available

Add an inflatable kayak for $10.86
(solo or tandem)

Booking Request Form

$162.91 per Adult
$141.05 per Youth under 16
Includes tax; excludes park entrance fee

20% deposit due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Balance due the day of departure.

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