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Full Day Dinosaur Extravaganza

Adventure Description

We’ve teamed up with the Moab Giants, the newest attraction just north of Moab, to provide you and your family a full day of ancient mystery and wonder! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see real dinosaurs up close? Wonder no longer! The sights at the Moab Giants and along the trails in the Moab backcountry will satisfy your curiosity. Come along on a ride back in time with us!

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Adventure Level

Folks with a day to spend exploring and any fitness level can join this expedition. There will be some walks, but they aren’t too strenuous. The Jeeps are air conditioned and the ride is bumpy but not treacherous.


This tour will explore the ancient history of Moab from dinosaur bones and footprints to rock art on the walls left by the first inhabitants of the Moab valley. Be prepared to travel back in time with our guide as your expert navigator and story teller on this journey.Paleo Safari_Moab Giants_Primary Bubble Logo

After checking in at the Tag-A-Long Office, you will drive yourself to the Moab Giants behind our guide, just 15 minutes from downtown Moab, leave your vehicle in the parking lot, and join the guide for your Jeep tour.

Our tour starts by going north. Along the way, your guide will explain to you the unique geology and ancient history of the area that made it a perfect place for preserving the first signs of life on the earth. We arrive at Mill Canyon and you can see old bones slowly being eroded out of the rock. Identify the remains of the Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Camptosaurus, and Camarasaurus. Then walk in the footsteps of the giants at the newly discovered Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite, a collection of over 200 therapod (two legged carnivorous dinosaurs) and sauropod (four legged herbivores) tracks and one of an ancient crocodile! This is one of the largest areas of dinosaur tracks from the Cretaceous period in North America.

Next it’s on to the Tusher Tunnel where you will walk through a 83ft. (25m) hole in a sandstone cliff. You will emerge from the tunnel overlooking a canyon. Your guide will show you petroglyphs on the canyon wall and where the ancient people possibly made their homes.

We will conclude our tour at Bartlett Wash. You’ll see the oldest records of man in this area. Learn about the Barrier Canyon people and marvel at the gigantic human like figures painted on the walls. Let your imagination run wild as you guess what kinds of stories they were telling.

We will return you to the museum where you can enjoy a tasty box lunch already prepared for you at the Giants Cafe and then spend the afternoon exploring the Dinosaur Trail, Tracks Museum, 3D Theater, 5D Paleoaquarium, and many more attractions the Moab Giants has to offer.

Trip Highlights

  • Therapod and Saurapod footprints
  • Fossils still partially encased in stone
  • Barrier Canyon style rock art
  • Spend half the day at the Moab Giants Museum
  • Lunch Included!

Who Should Go

Any age Moab traveler with limited time. Dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Those interested in ancient cultures.

Dates Available

March 1 – Nov 30

Booking Request Form

$117.58/Youth 13-17 years old
$109.58/Youth 4-12 years old

Includes Discovery Pass and Box Lunch

*Please fill out this BOX LUNCH form for each member of your group and send to us at tagalong@tagalong.com when you reserve your trip so we can have lunch ready for you. If you make your reservation less than 48 hours prior to departure, please call us at 435.259.8946!

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