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San Rafael Swell Explorer Jeep & Hiking Tour 3 Day (SR2)

Adventure Description

This region is one of the best kept secrets in Utah! The National Parks aren’t the only beautiful places around Moab, in fact, this little explored wilderness area is remote and is perfect for the person with a sense of adventure. Hiking through slot canyons, finding petroglyphs, and wilderness camping make this trip unforgettable in every way.

Adventure Level

Fitness Level: Excellent to above average. Summer heat can make it more challenging.


Day 1 – Lunch, Dinner

We will depart from the Tag-A-Long Expedition’s office in Moab and proceed west toward the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park. We will make a quick lunch to take with us, and then hike down 600’ to the canyon floor. Walking along the streambed we will see 3 ancient pictograph panels on our way to our final destination, “the Great Gallery”. This site is known as the best example of Barrier Canyon style rock art in the world and you will see why when you stand in the shadows of these life-size, haunting, images painted on the sandstone. We will then trek back out to our vehicle, and on to our first campsite.

Day 2 – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The following morning we will awaken to a good breakfast, make a quick lunch to take with us, break camp, then on to 2 slot canyons, Little Wild Horse and Bell. This will be a loop walk, bringing us back to our vehicle, and will take a good part of our day. We will weave in and out of these narrow canyons which offer plenty of opportunities for photographs and quiet contemplation. When we arrive back to the vehicle, we will head to the Swasey Cabin area to set up camp.

Day 3 – Breakfast, Lunch

Today we take the opportunity to explore the area around us. We will see Swasey’s Cabin, the Fridge, Dutchman’s Arch, Lonesome Warrior and the Head of Sinbad Pictograph Panels, and, depending on road conditions, we may go to Eagle Arch. For the grand finale, we will head for Black Dragon Wash. Here we will see the famous Black Dragon Pictograph, before heading back to Moab. Return to Moab is approximately 5:30pm.

Trip Highlights

  • Slot Canyon Hiking
  • Hidden rock art and ruins
  • Incredible scenery
  • Solitude and exploration

Who Should Go

Hikers, photographers, those wanting solitude, anyone wanting a true backcountry adventure.

What To Bring

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Dates Available

7:30am Day 1 to 5:00pm Day 3

First Departure: March 14 (Tuesday)

Final Departure: October 17 (Tuesday)

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Tent - $35.84 per tent (sleeps 2)

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