Utah River and Wilderness Expeditions since 1964... come Tag-A-Long with us!

Vessels & Vehicles

On the water

The J-Rig Raft Our Celebrated Cataract Boat

Thirty years ago, Tag-A-Long Expeditions designed the J-rig raft especially for Cataract Canyon. The J-rig raft is a very secure raft, yet offers an action-packed white water ride through Cataract Canyon. Even at lower water levels, the J-rig raft gives a big, splashy ride because of the way it impacts the water. The 22-foot J-rig is powered with a small motor that allows us to cover 100 miles of river and still have time for camping and walks to points of interest along the way. There is also ample opportunity to cut the engine and drift in the quiet of the canyons.

The size of the whitewater J-rig raft allows for a comfortable ride in a variety of locations on the craft. If you want to go for the gusto, you might choose to ride on the snout of the tube. For a more secure feeling ride, select a spot in the center. All of our equipment is also stored on the boat. There is room for a full field kitchen, ice chests, tables and chairs for dining, tents, and your personal belongings. A shade awning over part of the raft affords welcome relief from the sun while on the calm water sections of the river.

Check out this diagram of a J-Rig raft for more information.

Our Quick Green River trip employs this craft for the three day and two night majestic canyons trip. (Offered in May and June months, only.)

Row Rafts

The classic 17-foot row raft is used on scheduled trips in Cataract Canyon, in all Westwater Canyon trips, all trips on the “daily” stretch of the Colorado River near Moab, and on the Green and San Juan rivers. Built of tough Hypolon rubber and designed especially for Tag-A-Long Expeditions, these boats are the traditional manner of traveling on the river. On major whitewater trips, the rafts carry about five or six guests with all necessary camping gear and supplies. Each raft is equipped with an ice chest and plenty of drinking water. Reminiscent of early explorations of the Colorado and Green rivers by John Wesley Powell, rowing slows the pace of a trip and can be relaxing as your body falls into the rhythm of the river. The Moab daily scenic splash rafts contain up to eleven passengers.

Paddle Rafts

A paddle raft is a “hands-on” rafting experience. The guests on the boat do the paddling while the guide steers from the stern. Most rivers in this part of the West are slow and meandering in between the rapids. The Green River and the one day Westwater Canyon river trip, where our 14-foot paddle rafts are most often used, is perfect for this raft because there isn’t as much calm water in between the rapids. Tag-A-Long will customize an expedition for paddle rafting in Cataract Canyon and provide support for these rafts with a motorized J-rig for calm water sections.

Inflatable Kayaks

Often called “duckies” inflatable kayaks offer the most personal experience in the water. You do all the paddling and negotiating of rapids. Duckies are fun, stable, and easy to maneuver. These inflatables are most often used on the 5 day Majestic Canyons of the Green River, the “daily” stretch of the Colorado River near Moab, the San Juan River, and on customized trips. Inflatable kayaks are available in one-person (7 feet long) and two-person (9 feet long) sizes depending on your needs. Tag-A-Long Expeditions guides will offer operating and navigation instruction throughout your river trip.

Jet Boats – The Colorado Explorer Series

Tag-A-Long Expeditions has dubbed our 34-feet scenic jet boats the Colorado Explorer I and II. These boats were specifically designed for sightseeing cruises on the Colorado River. Each boat is made of aluminum and powered by twin marine engines. The boats seat 28 passengers. With large windshields and shade awnings, they are one of the most comfortable ways to see the backcountry via the river. These boats travel about 25 miles per hour. During a typical jet boat expedition, the guides stop and drift while they tell stories or interpret the geology. They are also able to pull the boat to shore to go for short walks. These boats are quite diverse being both the cruise boat and workhorse of the river. They are used to pick up canoes and canoeists returning from self-guided trips down the Green River and are also used every year to haul Grand Pianos 33 miles downstream from Moab to the grotto where the Moab Music Festival holds its river concert.


Tag-A-Long Expeditions does rent canoes for self-guided one day and multi-day trips on the Green River and Colorado River. The canoes are durable 15-foot Coleman canoes or longer Mad River and Old Towne brands. We have selected canoes which we found to be the most comfortable in a hot desert climate and tend to stay cool throughout the day.

Canoes are available by reservation. They are available in a variety of lengths. Rentals of these vessels include paddles, life jackets (PFDs), and other necessary equipment to conform to the Utah State Boating Law.

Over land

Jeep Excursion Vehicles

For a one-day expedition into the Island in the Sky and Needles sections of Canyonlands National Park, and for short trips into Arches National Park, we use the comfortable Jeep Rubicon. These vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, ice water dispensers, and special safety equipment for use in the rough backcountry. For larger families and groups wishing to stay together in one vehicle we use the durable Ford Excursion that can seat up to 8 passengers.

4X4 Expedition Vehicles

Tag-A-Long’s expedition vehicles are prepared for the special rigors of use in the rugged backcountry of canyon country. We reinforce the frames and suspension so we can take you places few others would dare to venture. The vehicles carry full field kitchens, water, and camp gear to campsites in the interior of Canyonlands National Park. These vehicles are equipped with tow chains, high-lift jacks and minor repair kits. Expeditions are in the backcountry where outside automotive services are not available.