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Westwater Canyon v. Cataract Canyon Whitewater Rafting

As we move into the new season we get a lot of questions about the different types of rafting available out of Moab. Here is one of them:

Why is there such a price difference between our two Overnight whitewater options… Westwater Canyon Rafting Overnighter and Cataract Canyon Rafting Overnighter.

Here is a brief overview of both trips to help you plan your overnight rafting experience!

Westwater Canyon Rafting Overnighter – $390/Adult; $340/Youth 16 & under (2016 rates)

  • 17 Miles of Colorado River starting just west of the Colorado/Utah border
  • 12 class III-IV rapids
  • Bus shuttle to and from the river
  • Row Rafts and Paddle Rafts used
  • Camping Gear Rentals available

Cataract Canyon Rafting Overnighter – $610/Adult; $580/Youth 16 & under (2016 rates)Cataract Canyon, Colorado River_4818620198_l

  • 100 Miles of Colorado River starting just downstream of Moab and ending at Lake Powell
  • 30 class III-V rapids
  • Bus shuttle to the river; your choice of return from Lake Powell (Scenic Flight, bus ride, or your personal vehicle shuttle)
  • Super J-Rig rafts used (see photo)
  • Paddle option available!
  • Camping gear rentals available

As you can see, with a Cataract Canyon rafting trip you get quite a few more rapids and quite a few more miles of river. Because we are doing the same section of river we would do on our longer 4 and 5 day trips, we have to use a specially designed raft with a very large outboard motor to get up on ‘plane’ on the flat water sections of river. Because of the length of the trip and the specialty boats, our overhead is quite a bit more than for the Westwater Canyon trip and that is why the big cost difference!

I hope this clears things up for you a little.As always, if you have any questions about these or any of our other trips available, give us a call 435.259.8946, email tagalong@tagalong.com, or message us on Facebook!