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Moab Utah Whitewater Rafting

Inflatible Kayaks on the San Juan River_4292680007_lThe poetry of a wild river canyon should never be spoiled by a clumsy or unprofessional whitewater rafting company. Tag-A-Long Expeditions takes pride in hosting exquisite Utah whitewater adventures.

We approach your tour just as we approach the wilderness, with reverence and care. We custom match you with one of our outdoors adventures, listening carefully to your needs before recommending the best river rafting tour for you.

Cataract Canyon -- Splash

Colorado River Cataract Canyon Rafting 1 Day – (CA0)

Do you want an intense white water rafting adventure but only have a day in Moab Utah? Or do you want to see the back country of Canyonlands National Park but don’t like camping? If you said yes to either of these questions, then the Cataract Canyon One Day is for you! Join us as we cruise down the flat water of Canyonlands, blast through the rapids of Cataract Canyon, then accelerate across Lake Powell to Hite Marina at the days end. Don’t let limited time keep you from this must-do Utah Rafting Adventure.

Adventure Seasons

April-September First-timer
April-September Beginner
Spring: Teens & Up Family
June-September Family
April-September Adventure seeker
April-September Extreme
Claret Cup in full bloom

Mix-N-Match Any 2 Half-Day Tours for a Full Day – Your Way!

So many options, so little time! Here are 6 different half day tours we offer.
Select any two activities to create a full day adventure of your choice!
Lunch is provided on these combination tours.

Prices and times depend on the specific options you chose.

Adventure Seasons

Scenic Splash Family Rafting

Colorado River Family Rafting Scenic Splash 1 Day – (DR0)

Each year nearly four thousand guests take this barrel-of-fun ride down 13 miles of the Colorado River near Moab. If you’ve never rafted whitewater before, and would like a taste of the thrill, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet. You’ll ride through six moderate to small rapids, class I-II, and enjoy some of the best scenery in America.¬†As the piece-de-resistance, enjoy a fabulous homemade BBQ lunch on a pristine sandy river beach. Moab days don’t get much better than this!

Adventure Seasons

April 15-Oct 15 First-timer
April 15-Oct 15 Beginner
April 15-Oct 15 Family

Colorado River Rafting Pirates of the Colorado 1 Day (PIRATES)

Nothing says water adventure like pirates and buried treasure! We’ve brought the excitement to the Colorado River for families with children weighing as little as 40lbs (18kg) up to 12 years old with our Pirates of the Colorado program. Come with us as we Explore Professor Valley learning about the desert and, perhaps, finding some buried treasure along the way!

Take this barrel of fun ride down 12 miles of the Colorado River near Moab, UT. If you’re a land lubber who has never rafted whitewater, this is the perfect beginner trip for you and your scrogs. Six class I & II rapids add excitement through this Dr. Seuss-esque land. And don’t forget your cutlass! Aaaaarrrrrrrr!

Adventure Seasons

June 15 - August 25 Family
Colorado River - Westwater Canyon_6590426097_l

Colorado River Westwater Canyon Rafting 1 Day – (WA0)

This is the BEST one-day whitewater rafting in the west. That’s what National Geographic Explorer said, and we couldn’t agree more! Tackle 11 class III-IV rapids in this 17 mile stretch of river and return home with many stories to tell. We offer both the hands on experience of a paddle boat and the comfort and security of an oar boat; whichever your personal adventure level prefers.

Adventure Seasons

June-September First-timer
June-September Beginner
Spring: Teens & Up Family
June-September Family
April-September Adventure seeker
April-September Extreme