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Spring Runoff Wishlist

The snow-pack at the headwaters of both the Colorado and Green rivers looks pretty great right now at over 100% of normal. But whether or not we get epic high water the end of May/beginning of June will depend on a few different factors. Here is our spring wishlist for a great rafting season.

  • First, Colorado and Wyoming have to stay cold! Just for a little bit longer… just to keep all that snow where it is at right now.

  • Second, no wind! Here in Moab we have a lot of red sand. And in the spring the wind likes to blow hard toward the east. This causes our red sand to blow over the snow in the Rockies and the red on top of the white absorbs the sun and heats up the snow causing it to melt sooner than it should.

  • Third, if we could get a little mid-spring snow, that would be the greatest way to start the season! Perhaps the end of April or beginning of May?

  • Last, it needs to warm up slowly.

In 2011 we had high water that started the end of May and lasted until about the second week in July. All of the above factors played a part in that long high water season and it was fabulous! Here is a video of what happened in 2011 in Cataract Canyon.

Are you planning on playing on the Green or Colorado Rivers this year? Do you think about water levels? Or are you just looking for some time on the water? Let us know in the comments below!