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Canoeing the Green River

It’s time for a Canoe Trip!

The Green River is a magical place for a self-guided canoe trip with miles of backcountry flat water to float, plenty of great scenery and wildlife, and a solitude you can’t get on the busier Colorado River. There are plenty of put-in and take-out locations so the trip can be as short as 3-days or a long as a couple of weeks! And it’s a fantastic trip for beginners or families with small children as it isn’t hard to paddle and there aren’t any rapids to worry about.

There are two main sections to the Green River; Labyrinth Canyon is the upper section managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Stillwater Canyon is the lower section in Canyonlands National Park.River-Map-Canoe-web

Labyrinth Canyon is more popular with Boy Scout Troops, short-trippers, and people on a budget. You can easily put yourself in at Green River State Park or Ruby Ranch and set a shuttle car at Ruby Ranch or Mineral Bottom for the take-out. The BLM permit is free, but Green River and Ruby Ranch charge nominal fees to use their boat ramps.

Mileage Chart – Labyrinth Canyon:

  • Green River State Park – Ruby Ranch = 23 miles/2+ days
  • Ruby Ranch – Mineral Bottom = 45 miles/3+ days
  • Green River State Park – Mineral Bottom = 68 miles/4+ days

Stillwater Canyon is much more remote with the only take-out option of hiring a jet boat shuttle from the Confluence to bring you back upstream to Moab on the Colorado River. The NPS also charges permit fees of $30/permit + $30/person. This section is most popular with experienced canoers and those who want to see Canyonlands from the river.

Mileage Chart – Stillwater Canyon:

  • Green River State Park – The Confluence = 120 miles/7+ days
  • Ruby Ranch – The Confluence = 97 miles/5+ days
  • Mineral Bottom – The Confluence = 52 miles/3+ days

Whichever trip you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time! If you need help with outfitting your canoe trip or to reserve land and jet boat shuttles, call Tag-A-Long Expeditions, 435-259-8946, or email tagalong@tagalong.com .