PFD’s (Life Vests)

Tag-A-Long Expeditions takes the safety of our guests very seriously. Therefore, each guest is equipped with a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device that meets Utah state requirements for rafting outfitters.

Toilet Facilities

We know you worry about private matters when planning a trip into the wilderness. Tag-A-Long has tried to take the worry out of your experience by providing private toilet areas for those personal moments.

Ice Chests

Each of Tag-A-Long’s boats are equipped with ice chests to keep your drinks – and plenty of drinking water – icy cold and convenient while traveling along the river.


Your guide will bring along an assortment of games and play things to make camp time lively and entertaining. Horse shoes is a favorite, but you typically also find Frisbees, hackie-sacks, volleyball, and whatever else your creative guide can spirit onto the boat.

Sleeping Bags and Foam Sleeping Pads

Freshly laundered sleeping bags will keep you warm at night. Couple your name-brand bag with one of our extra-thick foam pads (our guides use these foam pads so you know they are the best available) and a starry sky, and you can be assured of a good night’s sleep in the wilderness.


You’ll receive a lesson when it comes time to make your bedroom for the night. Each tent sleeps two. Bring a plastic ground sheet to sleep beneath the stars, keeping your tent for emergency inclement weather.