They have a certain spirit…
Tag-A-Long Guides

Traveling with Tag-A-Long guides is like taking a vacation with a valued old friend. You know how great it feels to share something beautiful and awesome with a loved one? And if someone special isn’t with you, you can’t wait to show it to them? That is exactly how Tag-A-Long guides feel when they take you into the backcountry of Canyonlands National Park, or when they shoot you through the first rapid of Cataract Canyon. They can’t wait to show you! They can’t wait to share the utter joy that they feel every time they walk those canyons or pass through the rapids.

All of our river guides are Licensed River Guides subject to rigorous requirements and training. River guides are trained in Emergency Medical Response and CPR certified. They are also trained in River Rescue. Our land expedition guides have logged indelible miles over the rugged four-wheel drive roads in the area.

Those qualifications you expect. Perhaps you don’t expect that while you’re camping with them, they can point out the constellations and share the mythology that is written across the sky. Maybe you’ll be surprised at their storytelling skills or their comforting sense of humor. And, of course, since they spend their lives immersed in canyon country, they are ready and willing to discuss the wildlife, native plants, geology and rich cultural history of the area.

Finally, they look after you like a good friend would and, like your friends, there is something about their spirit that puts you so at ease!

A Note About Guide Gratuities

Tipping is not required, but if your guide does an outstanding job of customer service, it is a nice way to say “thanks.” Industry guidelines for tipping suggest $5.00 to $15.00 per person in your party on a one day trip and $10.00 to $20.00 per person in your party per day on the longer overnight trips.