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Multi-Day Rafting Packing List

What To Pack

We will furnish dry bags in which you will pack your personal overnight gear. The bags are about the size of a large pillowcase. If you bring your own sleeping bag, pad and tent, we will supply you with an additional bag. Small dry bags will be available for your daily items, such as sunsreen.

Your packing list for your expedition:
We have developed this efficient packing list for your trip. By following it closely, you will have the necessary items.

If you have questions, please contact us and we will help you determine the best items to bring. Consider each item on this list essential.

Long Pants (sun protection)
Long Sleeved Shirt (sun protection)
Short sleeved shirt black-large-rafting-flat
Shoes-2 pair black-large-rafting-flat
Hat or cap that will not blow away black-large-rafting-flat
Light jacket, sweatshirt or sweater
Flashlight black-large-rafting-flat
Sunglasses and retainer black-large-rafting-flat
Swim suit
Rain Gear (jacket & pants) black-large-rafting-flat
Camera & film black-large-rafting-flat
Toiletries, medicines
Bio-degradable soap black-large-rafting-flat
Towel (small)
Soft drinks, beer, Gatorade, other drinks
Day pack and water bottle black-large-rafting-flat
Warm jacket, hat, socks, light gloves (during cooler spring and fall months)