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Desolation Canyon Family Rafting

Green River Family Rafting Desolation Canyon 5 Day

The Green River lies in a wide river canyon. Its banks are lined with giant old cottonwood trees intermingled with juniper and pinion. The green of the trees stands in stark contrast to the rock cliffs, making this one of the most beautiful – and little appreciated – canyons in Utah. You’ll encounter rapids four of the five days – over 50 in all! This is more rapids than on any other Tag-A-Long rafting vacations! These are good natured rapids, easy to learn on and play in. The whitewater is rolling and playful in disposition yet give eager students the opportunity to learn to read and negotiate the river. You can choose your own vessel, too: inflatable kayak, family paddle raft, or the “mother” raft.

Adventure Seasons

May-July First-timer
May-July Beginner
May-July Family
May-July Adventure seeker