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Spotlight: Bill Foote

Guide supreme and a lot more:

 Bill Foote has lived in Moab (actually in nearby Castle Valley) for 10 years. In that short period of time, Bill has visited and studied more backcountry locations in the Canyonlands region than most of the old timers who have lived their entire lives in Moab.

Long ago Bill made a life decision to become a valuable asset to our guiding community.  Over the years he has become an overachiever with respect to that goal. At Tag-A-Long Expeditions, Bill supervises and trains our staff of land guides. Along with 4×4 driving skills, Bill emphasizes in-depth knowledge of the territory we cover as well as the skills to communicate that information to our guests.

All of this may seem unusual for a person from upstate New York, but we have discovered that easterners that move west REALLY embrace this area. Bill’s amazing knowledge and his ability to communicate that information enhances the experience of our guests that surpasses their expectations. He also is an avid photographer, sign painter, and general handyman. Whenever professional photographers come to host workshops in the backcountry, Bill has been our lead guide. Bill conducts about 4 day trips a week (we have a working/supervisor management arrangement). You may have Bill assigned as your guide, or you may request to travel with Bill when you make your reservations.