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Spotlight: Sarah Sidwell

Guide of the month Sarah Sidwell has been with Tag-A-Long Expeditions for 9 years. Sarah was raised in Moab for most of her youth. She left Moab after graduating and returned, years later as a mother of 2 children. At that time she joined Tag-A-Long Expeditions as a “Daily Raft Guide”. She was following her dream of working outdoors. Within 3 years she earned the position of “Lead Cataract Canyon Guide” and was responsible for all of the Cataract Canyon River Guides. A typical Cataract Canyon trip is 4 days in duration and travels through 100 miles of wilderness. Cataract Canyon is home to some of the largest whitewater in the United States.

Four years ago, Sarah moved from the river into our office with the position of Sales Director. She now travels around the country and Europe talking about our trips. That doesn’t mean she is entirely off the river, however. Besides enjoying private trips, Sarah still is called upon to lead some of our more complex Cataract Canyon trips such as the Moab Music Festival’s Musical Raft Trip through Cataract Canyon. That trip that takes 4 to 5 classical music artists that performs concerts nightly for a group of Music Fest patrons, each in a different location on the Colorado River. We serve dinner in a style befitting a fine restaurant and there are many unique demands on the Tag-A-Long 6 person crew and guides. As a sideline, Sarah has taken charge of our “Tag-A-Garden”.   This is a large garden space on our property where we raise fresh herbs and vegetables that are used on our trips.

In her current position, Sarah maintains our website, sales force, and drives our marketing program.   You will see her name on many of our promotional messages. She is also active in the community holding seats on the Boards of the local Chamber of Commerce and Travel Council and volunteering her free time to various non-profits. Sarah is an example that every person on our staff is in tune to the environment and what it represents to our visitors.