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The Most Unique Experience in Canyonlands

What could be more Moab than Mountain Biking and visiting our two National Parks, Arches and Canyonlands? How about Mountain Biking inside Canyonlands National Park followed by a boat ride on the legendary Colorado River?

That’s exactly the trip Lee and Kelly from Get Some Adventures did earlier this year. They wrote about their experience here and there is a nice video to go along with it. Thanks!

The Details

We have teamed up with Moab Cyclery, who provides the guide and bike (unless you want to bring your own), for this one-of-a-kind experience in Canyonlands National Park. We take you to the top of the Island in the Sky mesa. You bike down the Shafer Trail, around the White Rim, and down Lathrop Canyon to the river. It is about 20.5 miles (33km) of biking on sandstone and hard-packed dirt with a short section of soft sand at the bottom of Lathrop Canyon.Mountain-Biking-Map

Once you get to the river our jet boat comes along and picks you and your bike up for a nice, refreshing ride on the Colorado River back to Moab. The morning you check in, bring a cooler of beverages and snacks to enjoy on the jet boat ride back if you wish!


Booking this trip is super simple! Either give us or Moab Cyclery a call or email for dates available. We work with each other on making reservations. More information on the trip can be found on the JBG page on our site.


Don’t forget to hop on over to Get Some Adventures to read their trip report!