Green River Family Rafting Desolation Canyon 5 Day

Adventure Description

The Green River lies in a wide river canyon. Its banks are lined with giant old cottonwood trees intermingled with juniper and pinion. The green of the trees stands in stark contrast to the rock cliffs, making this one of the most beautiful – and little appreciated – canyons in Utah. You’ll encounter rapids four of the five days – over 50 in all! This is more rapids than on any other Tag-A-Long rafting vacations! These are good natured rapids, easy to learn on and play in. The whitewater is rolling and playful in disposition yet give eager students the opportunity to learn to read and negotiate the river. You can choose your own vessel, too: inflatable kayak, family paddle raft, or the “mother” raft. Price includes sleeping bag, tent, and scenic flight to put in. 

Adventure Level

This great family expedition will accommodate children of all ages and people of all fitness levels. Folks can choose whether to paddle their own inflatable kayak, try paddling a raft as a family, or small children, and those who don’t want to paddle, can ride the mother raft with the guide. There are more rapids than any other expedition, but they are less powerful and intimidating than those on the Colorado River. This is one of the most tremendous rafting and camping trips in Utah. Fitness Level: Average. Able to play and paddle in the water, but you don’t have to swim.


Meets at 6:30 AM at the Adrift Adventures office in Moab, UT. Returns to Moab about 5:00 PM. Check in the afternoon or evening prior to departure day for orientation and gear containers.

Day 1 – Lunch & Dinner

You depart from Adrift Adventures’s Moab Utah office at 6:45 a.m. We’re headed for the airport, where we will board charter planes that will take you to begin your Green River rafting trip. Guides for this five-day Utah river rafting adventure await you. After flying over the high desert country, we land at the Sand Wash field to take a short walk to the Green River. The expedition begins with a discussion and instructions on handling your whitewater boat. This first day you’ll have an opportunity to get into the river as we float through a nice calm stretch. You’ll get lots of paddling practice to prepare for the whitewater tomorrow. Tonight we will set up camp as guides teach you and your family how to pitch tents, and learn about other camp systems. Dinner is our treat, a surprisingly delicious outdoor meal prepared by your guides. In the meantime, you can play Frisbee, horseshoes, or just relax by the riverside.

Day 2 – Breakfast, lunch & dinner

After a hearty breakfast, we’ll hit the river and splash right into the first whitewater of the day. This rafting vacation starts out small so you can slowly build your confidence in the whitewater. If you decide you don’t want to paddle, you can always ride the support raft with the guides. The day will be spent exploring the deep canyon of the Green River which at one point is even deeper than the Grand Canyon at its deepest point! Another night of camping will have you accustomed to outdoor camp life just like the pioneers!

Day 3 – Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Today is a diverse day along the river. There’s lots more river rafting containing beautiful, lazy sections of calm water and smaller whitewater rafting. There’s also lots of stories to be told today as we visit old cowboy camps. Your guides will share tales of outlaw hideouts and cattle rustlers with you. You’ve heard of Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch? Well keep an out for signs that they were here! This is their old stomping ground and there may still be a few ghosts around! Try to pick out the spots where they hid from the lawmen who were hot on their trail! Tonight, you’ll hear more stories as you enjoy dinner by the side of the river – maybe in the same spot those outlaws ate dinner years ago. After sundown, find the Milky Way and let your imagination soar.

Day 4 – Breakfast, lunch & dinner

This is the day that will get your adrenaline flowing as we encounter both large and small rapids. You’ll rock and roll in the waves as you maneuver your raft downstream. Remember, if you don’t want to paddle your own boat, you can always climb aboard the “mother raft.” We have two rafting vacations that float us past Native American land. On the San Juan, land is allocated to teh Navajo. Green River rafting trips takes us by the Ute Indian Reservation on the north east of the river and pure Old West cattle country on the other side. Tonight you’ll be mighty proud of yourself as you recall the day’s accomplishments, make camp and enjoy your evening meal. You’ve earned every delicious bite today! Maybe you should try sleeping out under the stars tonight since it’s your last night of camping.

Day 5 – Breakfast & lunch

This morning you’ll spend your last half day saying goodbye to Utah river rafting. You’ll enjoy a few more rapids, some more calm water and playful riffles. After lunch we arrive where vehicles will be waiting to drive us back to Moab. You should arrive about 5:00 p.m. at the office.

Trip Highlights

  • Active paddling expedition
  • Class II-III rapids
  • May to October - Rapids II-IV
  • Great learning experience
  • Scenic flight to the put-in
  • Gorgeous Utah canyons
  • Gentle whitewater, warm waters
  • Rich cowboy history and folklore
  • Rapids are good for family fun and participation

Who Should Go

Family, people wanting a hands-on river experience, folks after easy whitewater experiences, reunions

What To Bring

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Dates Available

May through August!

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$988.00 per Adult
$813.00 per Youth (8-17)

Sleeping bag, pad and two-person tents included.

$100 per person deposit due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Balance due 60 days prior to departure and is non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

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